Analytical Platform

Analytical Platform

URD ABI’s analytical platform is equipped with brand new and top-of-the-line systems. To support our chemistry and biotechnology teams, our vast analytical park includes chromatography, spectroscopy as well as thermal analysis devices. Furthermore, our experienced team develops and improve analytical methods.

Our chromatography park includes many devices :

- 2 UHPLC chains with 4 different detectors (DAD, Corona, RI and UV) (ThermoScientific)
- 1 MS2 UHPLC chain coupled with a Q-ToF detector (Agilent)
- 1 Size-Exclusion Chromatograph with multi-detection (RI, viscometer, UV and MALS) (Agilent)
- 2 Gas Chromatographs coupled with a mass spectrometer detector (quadrupole) (Agilent and Shimadzu)

In order to characterize polymers, the laboratory is equipped with:

- 1 TGA (ThermoGravimetric Analysis) (TA Instrument)
- 1 DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) (TA Instrument)

To provide additional information on chemical structures, the chemists have also access to:

- 1 TLC-MS system (Advion)
- 1 Fourier 300Hz NMR spectrometer (1H, 13C, 1D/2D) (Bruker)