With expertise in biotechnology, green chemistry, downstream processing and analytical chemistry, our research unit is dedicated to the sustainable production of high value-added bio-based chemicals such as building blocks, biopolymers, functional additives for food/feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or biocontrol.

Located in the CEBB (European Center of Biotechnology and Bioeconomy, co-funded by the ERDF, the Grand Est Region , the Marne department and Urban Community of Grand Reims) at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery, the URD ABI is interested in the valorization of biomass through an approach combining biotechnologies, green chemistry and process engineering.

Thanks to its expertise in chemistry, polymers/materials, microbiology/biochemistry/molecular biology, chemical engineering and separation process engineering as well as in analytical chemistry, the URD ABI is able to carry out multi- and transdisciplinary fundamental and applied research projects with the ambition of developing and optimizing sustainable industrial processes and high value-added products from agro-resources and industrial by-products.

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John C. Warner - President & CTO
The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

“URD ABI is doing amazing things to create a sustainable future and advance the bioeconomy. The leadership and staff have demonstrated both the vision and the ability to deliver cutting edge science and real world solutions.“

Prof. Stephen A. Miller
University of Florida

“The Chaire ABI has pioneered a highly successful paradigm:  Embedding a world-class fundamental research institute into the heart of an existing and diverse biorefinery. This approach provides innovation and direction, bridging the gap between the established and the future.”

Prof. Tim Zwier
Purdue University

“Chaire ABI has clearly become a world expert in the synthesis of lignin, ferulates, and related compounds.”

Tony Duncan - Managing Director
Circa Group

“We are very impressed with both the capabilities of the scientists and the speed of response to our project demands.”

Prof. Richard Gross
Rensselaer, Polytechnic Institute

“The Chaire ABI has created a unique blend of extraordinary skills that have allowed it to address important fundamental and practical challenges in building the bioeconomy. It’s success is evident by its rapid growth since 2013 that has led to impactful publications, patents, the building of a world-class staff and the leadership it has provided to scientists and engineers worldwide that are working towards biomass valorizations.“


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